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"Be Transformed"SM

A Program for Life-Changing Spiritual Growth

Rock House Center's proprietary, strengthening and transforming program has been developed from over 20 years of ministry. Participants describe the experience with words like: "revolutionizing", "profound" and "life-changing". They also report feeling spiritually deeper and stronger as well as having attained significant improvement in peacefulness and overall quality of life.

For adults who are frustrated with the condition of their spiritual life and have not been able to move forward with God in a life changing way, this program will be a profound blessing. It is built around God's will for all of His people to be transformed so that they progressively reflect inwardly the character of His Son. This program works in cooperation with God's will and brings about sustained life change for those who seek greater sufficiency in Christ.

Our 16 week program is offered in one of the following ways:

  • Meeting one-on-one with a personal facilitator
  • Participating in a small group of 10 or less
  • Attending a workshop of 30 or less

"Be Transformed"SM Personal Spiritual Growth Program also provides a Christ-centered pathway to:

  • Marriage Enrichment and Intimacy Restoration
  • Family Relationship Restoration
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Discerning God's Personal Call on Your Life
  • Re-launching Spiritual Growth
  • Living with Spiritual Richness
  • Resolving Men's and Women's Issues
  • Understanding what Pleases God
  • Healing wounds from a Past Church Experience
  • Learning to Trust God for Provision

Our Grateful Clients

Clients have used these words to describe their "Be Transformed"SM experience:

  • "Revolutionized my life"
  • "Profound"
  • "Peace I haven't had since I was a child"
  • "Breakthrough understanding"
  • "A veil has been removed"
  • "Very fortunate"
  • "Only God could do this for me"
  • "Rewired"
  • "New operating system"
  • "Paradigm shift"
  • "A dark cloud has been lifted"
  • "Miraculous"
  • "No longer reliving the anxiety of past trauma"
  • "Lifelong burden lifted"
  • "My new life focus"
  • "Totally amazing"
  • "Life changing"
  • "Very grateful"
  • "Masterfully integrated biblical principles"
  • "Awesome"
  • "Game-changer"
  • "Given me new life"
  • "Returned to the peace I had before the traumas in my 20's"
  • "Deepest change I've ever experienced"
  • "Returned to the inner peace I had before my life trauma"

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