Even with decades of church leadership, this has dramatically advanced my faith and improved every aspect of my life.

Transformational Discipleship Resources

  • Facilitating the Transformation of believers to reflect the heart of Christ is the desire of God. Romans 8:29
  • Discipleship to address issues of the heart is consistent with the focus of the early church. Acts 8:17-22

Rock House Center has developed exceptionally effective resources designed to advance the sanctification of any believer's heart. These programs empower Christians to more authentically live the promises of scripture and bless others in the Body of Christ.

Rock House Center can help you launch and sustain a culture of on-going heart-focused discipleship by providing the strategic approach and necessary resources.

Be Transformed- New Life Awaits Discipleship Programs strengthen faith, resolve inner conflict with God’s will, and advance Biblical, spiritual growth. Our programs foster wellbeing, sustained life change and reenergized Christian service in a church body.

Rock House Center provides training for alums of RHC counseling, pastors, and lay discipleship leaders in facilitating small group and individual studies using the proprietary workbook and video resources of the Be Transformed- New Life Awaits 16-week study. This study divides naturally into two 8-week studies.

Retreats and Conferences

  • Leadership
  • Congregational

Consulting Services

Rock House Center provides consultation in Vision, Strategy and Implementation to establish the foundation of a Transformation-focused Church body.

Biblical Counseling

Rock House Center provides Biblical counseling for any church leader or member who would like to address specific needs that may arise.

John Murphy, Author of Be Transformed- New Life Awaits and founder of Rock House Center will be the conference facilitator. Co-founder Beth Murphy is an optional facilitator for women's groups.