Divine Needs Parenting©

Rock House Center’s proprietary parenting program, which applies the same proven principles of Motive Transition Therapy® in the context of parenting. The program is designed to determine the root cause of the child’s life challenge and then enhance the parent’s parenting skills, empowering them to address the problem more effectively. Based on the level of need as established by the child’s assessment, one-on-one counseling for the adolescent/teen/young adult may be a part of the therapy plan.

Parents who have found that consequences, punishment or teaching wisdom have not been successful approaches in addressing their child’s life struggle are relieved to learn this process is available and encouraged as they begin to employ the principles of Divine Needs Parenting©.

Parents can call Rock House Center at 615-369-0668 or schedule through the SCHEDULE button on this page for their initial Divine Needs Parenting© consultation.