We laugh again


A Program to Strengthen Young Adults for Life Success

For young adults, nothing could be more important for future life success than establishing a Christian foundation of truth and a growing relationship with God. This is particularly true given the pressures on young adults to compromise their morality. That influence combined with their typical dissatisfaction in their church experience puts them at risk to succumb to social pressures and make self-defeating and self-destructive decisions. Rock House Center's liv-n-realSM program provides faith enrichment that will bless young adults and likely change the trajectory of their life. Our program moves them toward a better understanding of God's will for their lives and a growing desire to honor God in their decisions.

The tough questions facing their generation are specifically addressed in order to make the program more effective, engaging, and relevant to young adults. An integral part of the program is coming to understand the loving will of their Heavenly Father and how His ways bring the greatest blessing.

Rock House Center provides the liv-n-realSM program in three formats:

  • One-on-one sessions with a program facilitator
  • Small groups studies of 8-10 participants with a group facilitator
  • Workshop settings of 11-30 participants with a workshop facilitator

Our Grateful Young Adults call the liv-n-realSM program:

  • "Surreal"
  • "I can't believe the change in my life in such a short time"
  • "Can't wait for the next session"
  • "Things are going really well with my parents since I started (the program)"
  • "Now I really get Christianity"
  • "I feel so peaceful- I am on a whole new grid"
  • "I rarely ever get angry anymore"
  • "I oddly don't resent doing my part at home"
  • "My step-mom and I have never gotten along this well"
  • "I really want my friends to go through this (program)"

If this program sounds like something you or a friend would enjoy, call us for a "get-to-know" visit. We would love to meet you over the phone or in person with no obligation. 615-369-0668. If you prefer to contact us by email our address is: contact@rockhousecenter.com

What Our Grateful Parents have said about the liv-n-realSM program:

  • "We laugh again"
  • "You've returned my son to the child we used to know"
  • "So excited that my child is getting this teaching"
  • "Really appreciate that you take on the real life issues facing my son"
  • "He is so peaceful"
  • "My daughter just wanted to hang out with me, her mom, instead of her friends today!"
  • "She is in such a better place"
  • "God's intervention in my son's life through this program has lifted my greatest burden"
  • "I've got to believe every parent would want their child to experience this"
  • "I would recommend this program to anyone"

liv-n-realSM also provides a Christ-centered pathway to:

  • Family Relationship Restoration
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Discerning God's Personal Call on Your Life
  • Re-launching Spiritual Growth
  • Living with Spiritual Richness
  • Understanding what Pleases God
  • Healing wounds from a Past Church Experience
  • Pressures of being a Young Adult
  • Spiritual aspects of Academic and Athletic performance
  • Peer Social challenges

If this sounds like something your young adult would benefit from call us for a "get-to-know" visit. We would love to meet you over the phone or in person with no obligation. Call 615-369-0668 or contact us online.