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Be Transformed: New Life Awaits

Written by Rock House Way founder John Robin Murphy, this engaging and highly acclaimed book has brought new perspective and new hope to many followers of Christ, who desire a deeper, more meaningful life-transforming faith. Be Transformed reveals the core meaning of God's call to be transformed and explains how responding to His call can dramatically enhance and empower your life.

The author combines insights from over 25 years of personal transformation, beginning with his own radical conversion from a "table pounding atheist" through his progressive victory over self-destructive behaviors. He also draws upon more than 20 years of experience in lay ministry. Loaded with Biblical truth and compelling testimonies, you can expect to be blessed by its wisdom.

Praise for Be Transformed.

"Be Transformed" is a very important book. I pray that it will be translated into every known language to encourage every soul. - Bill Packard, Christian Radio Magazine

"A must-read for every Christian."
- Herman Bailey, Herman and Sharron Show, CTN TV

"Thank you for these great words of wisdom."
- Moira Brown, Co-Host, 100 Huntley Street, Canadian TV

"This work will be of immense value to any Christian... also an incredible guide for anyone serving others through a counseling or pastoral ministry."
- Richard R. Blake, Reader Reviews, Co-Founder,
Christian Education Resources of San Leandro, California

"Be Transformed" is for one who desires a new life. Murphy serves up whole grains of truth to nourish the body and soul on the journey to freedom."
- Rev. Richard Borgman, Christian Book Previews.com

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Be Transformed: New Life Awaits - The Workbook Edition

The most common response to Be Transformed - New Life Awaits has been "Is there a workbook?" These requests have come from a range of people and organizations, including individuals seeking a richer faith, pastors who want to disciple their congregations,men's ministry leaders, women's ministry leaders, Christian counselors, addiction ministries, and prison ministries. Clearly, there are a lot of situations that can be enhanced by having more of the heart of Christ.

Be Transformed: The Workbook Edition provides a step-by-step pathway to follow in response to God's call to seek a heart that progressively resembles the heart of His Son. The workbook has been tested and found to be a critical and a foundational tool for discipleship in personal spiritual growth and ministry applications. Any person who prayerfully progresses through the workbook can expect to experience significantly stronger and more fulfilling faith. Ministry leaders will discover that leading others through the workbook enhances their ability to foster sustained life change in those they serve.

Praise for Be Transformed - The Workbook Edition.

"Be Transformed - New Life Awaits gets to the heart of what is most missing in church and what most contributes to powerless Christianity. Most of us have heard about having a "new heart," but how many seem to actually have one? Be Transformed - The Workbook Edition carries the faithful follower along a path and process that can lead to lasting change and a new heart. Our mission is growing male leaders whose hearts are like the heart of Christ."

"The Be Transformed message belongs at the core of all discipleship resources. If we miss the heart -- and the price that must be paid to get a new one -- we will miss most of the power and blessing of contagious faith. We desire to build leaders who are effective and spiritually contagious -- Be Transformed is a core resource for Christians who desire all that the Bible and our Lord promise."
- Larry Malone Director, United Methodist Men's Ministries
General Commission on United Methodist Men

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Read More Praise Below:

"Be Transformed New Life Awaits" book is excellent, don't change a thing. Your workbook is very effective in building a Biblical foundation for sustained life change from any emotional struggle."
- Nancy Robert, Licensed Family Counselor for over 35 years

"Your message and Biblically based content are incredible. The Be Transformed message is the answer for how to achieve sustained life change in the incarcerated men we serve through the Malachi Dads program. Your workbook has been highly effective in guiding our men to the heart/root cause of their struggle. Your materials will be used in all of our curriculum going forward."
- Lyndon Azcuna, ED Cross Cultural Ministry, Malachi Dads, AWANA

"You have done an excellent job of explaining the problem and providing the solution. It is like nothing I have ever seen in my 25-plus years in prison management. I am very hopeful that your approach will positively impact recidivism in this country."
- Gil Walker, Founder of GRW Prison Management

"Your message is critically important to the Church and working with you has turned my heart back toward Christ. Thank you."
- Pastor Emeritus, 500-member Church

"You have done a very good job articulating the problem behind recidivism and the solution. You are to be commended. The workbook is phenomenal."
- Larry Fields, Past Director of Corrections of Oklahoma

"When I read your book I knew it was the answer for what our women struggle against as well as some of my own personal challenges. I have reviewed the workbook and believe it will be a very important tool in our work. I look forward to using it in our ministry when it is released."
- Reba Harris, Executive Director,
Gilead House incarcerated women Kokomo, Indiana

"The book and particularly the workbook are powerful tools to help our men break free of addiction. I have gotten a lot out of both myself."
- Malcolm Lewis, MD, Addiction Counselor