Beth L. Murphy

Beth Murphy partners with her husband John at the Rock House Center to facilitate programs and provide counseling for individuals and leaders seeking greater wellbeing and life purpose through their faith. Beth also serves as Executive Director of Rock House Ministries to make Biblical counseling and programs available to individuals and non-profit agencies who are unable to afford the services of Rock House Center. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Rock House Center's healing strategies and methods since 2006.

Beth and John have partnered in church-based marriage ministry as well as freedom prayer and inner healing ministries over the past several decades. It was through their collaboration as volunteer counselors in a men's residential urban rehabilitation program that they first understood and developed the foundations of Biblical, transformational healing.

Before dedicating herself full-time to her passion at Rock House Center, Beth's life endeavors encompassed multiple roles throughout different seasons. Her widely varied life experiences include: senior management positions focused on company turnarounds, and being a full-time, stay-at-home mom interspersed with management consulting and home-schooling for her and John's now college-aged sons. Throughout each of these seasons, she has enjoyed speaking and teaching Biblical truth to women's groups as well as counseling one-on-one. Beth's personal ministry has been primarily to women; leading and encouraging them to develop their relationship with God and apply Biblical wisdom to every aspect of their lives.